How to Play Bitcoin Slots

How to Play Bitcoin Slots - Guide

Slots can be a simple game if you want them to be. You can spin and you can win. Sometimes that is all you want from the game. But, for those players who want to fully dive into the experience, it is worth getting to grips with everything about the game. If you know what you're up against, you'll know what to look out for and your victories will be even sweeter. This guide will give you a few bits of advice for taking on our massive selection of games. We'll also get familiar with some of the language of Bitcoin slots. 


Payline is not a word that pops up in day to day life that often. But you should get used to the word because this word is your friend. A payline has this name because if you can make a certain line, then you'll get paid. It's an appropriate name. Let's delve a bit deeper into what this means for you as a player.

So, in Bitcoin slot games, we are always looking out for the magical combination of symbols that will lead to victory. If the symbols pop up in one of the set patterns for that game, that is a win. It doesn't matter which payline the symbols match on, and sometimes the paylines are quite complex patterns. This is why it's crucial to get to grips with the patterns for that specific game.

Let's take a look at one of our games, Jurassic Treasure.

A great bit of advice is that no matter what game you're on, there will be a link to the Pay Table that will detail all of the bonus rounds, special features and, in the example above, the paylines on offer. This particular game has a fixed number of ten paylines, and you can see the possible winning patterns above displayed in a lovely range of colours. If your symbol rocks up in those patterns, then happy days. 

Not all games have ten paylines. Some games will allow you to choose how many you want. For example, in the game The True Sheriff there is a maximum of 30 paylines. The more paylines there are, the greater your stake. But with more paylines, there is also a greater number of possibilities for the player to win. This means that each individual player has to weigh up their tactics before playing. So, if you like playing strategically, you'll probably enjoy more paylines on your Bitcoin slot of choice rather than less. 

Choosing your bet

This is a vital part of playing Bitcoin slot games. You'll need to know how to vary your stake but, fortunately, at, this is always an easy thing to do. Let's take a look at one of our very popular games.

This is one of our 3-reel games. It's called Lucky Seven, and we're sure you can guess why that is. Its layout is refreshingly simple and harkens back to a classic casino era. Choose your betting stake, hit spin, and let the machine do the rest. If you match those lucky sevens, then you will reach seventh heaven in an instant.

Choosing your stake could not be easier. Selecting the Bet One button will switch your stake from 1 to 2 to 3 credits, as highlighted in the colourful columns above the reels. Selecting the Max Bet button will instantly take you up to the biggest stake possible, which is 3 credits on this game. Then hit Spin Reels, and the reels will spin. 

Let's take a look at a different game, just so we can see other options that may be available. Here's an image of our video slot game 2 Million BC.

An important thing to notice is how clear the layout is. You have your balance, credits and total bet in a handy table to make sure you know exactly where you stand. Those green lines crisscrossing the reels are the paylines, and we already know what they are. This game has a maximum of 30 paylines but, in this example, we've selected 7 lines. In the bottom left, you'll see an option to Choose Coin. This will decide how big you want your stake to be and you'll have flexibility to ensure you feel comfortable. The bigger your coin value, the bigger your winnings could be. 

Changing the Bet Per Line will decide how many credits you play on each line. So if you choose to bet 5 credits per line across 7 paylines, your total bet will be 35 credits (5 times 7).  If you choose to bet 3 credits per line across 10 paylines, your total bet will be 30 credits (3 times 10). The bigger your bet, the bigger your win will be. And if you want to get straight to it, then you can always select the Bet Max button. This will automatically raise your stake to the maximum and you'll get straight down to business.

If you're happy with your setup and don't want to change it all, there are some Bitcoin slots that have Autoplay options. You can select your paylines, your coin value, and your bet per line. Then, tell the game how many automatic spins you wish to see, and sit back and watch the magic. We want to make your experience at as smooth and successful as possible. 

The important fact to consider is that each game is unique, be it in terms of the paylines, the bonuses, or the graphics. Players can always select the pay table option on each game so that it is easy to keep an eye out for the most desirable symbols and to be aware of all the bonus features that may arise. The basic mechanic of choosing your stake and spinning the reels is not going to change drastically. That's the way it has been and that's the way it will always be. But with scope for bonuses and boosts to your jackpot in addition to the incredible graphics, our wide range of Bitcoin slots here at is the best way to play with Bitcoin and win with a smile on your face. 


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