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The Guide to the Reasons Why All Bitcoin Slots Offer Something for Everyone

If it wasn't immediately obvious, we love slots here at Regardless of their size, shape or where they come from, we have a thing for all Bitcoin slots. Now, at this point, you're either on our wave length or you're not. For those that fall in line with us: welcome. For those of you that aren't quite sure whether or not Bitcoin slots are for you, stick around because we might just be able to change your mind.

You see, here at we don't discriminate when it comes to skill, experience or bankroll. Nor do we discriminate against certain developers or Bitcoin slots types. We're what you'd call an equal opportunities casino and that means we cater to all players and all Bitcoins slots out there. Because of this, we're pretty confident that you'll find at least something that piques your interest when you search through our slots lobby.

Even if you're a diehard roulette fan or a blackjack boffin, Bitcoin slot games should still give you a few reasons to ante up - and we're about to tell you why.

Are All Bitcoin Slots Created Equal?

The simple answer is no. Although all Bitcoin slots are based on the same premise – spinning a set of reels in the hope of matching symbols – the experience you'll have will differ from game to game. For example, if you're a fan of animations, movie characters and general entertainment, Bitcoin video slots would be your game of choice. If, however, you were only in it for the money, jackpot slots are the way forward.

Of course, because all Bitcoin slots are based on the same premise, there is a certain amount of crossover between game types. However, the three main options you'll find inside our lobby are:

Video Bitcoin Slots: As we've said, these games are high on entertainment. Often taking a common theme from a TV or movie, video slots are packed with animations, sound events and HD images. Another feature common to most slots of this nature is the interactive bonus round.

Free spins, multipliers and cash bonuses coming courtesy of a single spin, you'll often be asked to play a mini game. This could be something as simple as unlocking mystery boxes or it could involve moving through various levels and completing special tasks while at it.

Jackpot Bitcoin Slots: If you want more ways to win more money, progressive jackpot games are the cream of the slots crop. Instead of your bets being placed in isolation, a small percentage of what you stake will be added to a communal prize pool. This prize pool is open to all players betting real money on the game in question.

For example, when you click on our "Jackpots" link and select The Glam Life, you'll be accessing a game that thousands of like-minded players are also playing. Because you'll be a part of The Glam Life network, your bets will be combined with every other player's bets - and that means tons of money is flowing into the prize pool. The end result is the amount of money you can win reaches huge proportions. In short, if you want to win a six-figure sum without spending a fortune, jackpot slots are the most impressive casino games around.

Classic Bitcoin Slots: Most people who enjoy online casino gaming will have played a fruit machine in a local bar or club at some point in the adult lives. If that's you and you enjoyed the experience, classic Bitcoin slots will give you a similar feeling. Featuring traditional images such as fruits, 7s and bars, these games typically have three reels and offer a simple, speedy way to win some cash.  

How to Search Through All Bitcoin Slots at

OK, so we've touched on the various types of Bitcoin slot you can find online, but now we need to tell you how to search our site. Although we don't have any problem with you searching through our entire catalogue of games, you'll save a lot of time if you learn how to search properly. Basically, if you want to reduce your search times, you need to move away from the default "all Bitcoin slots" setting and use the "sort" function.

At the top of the lobby, you'll see a dropdown box that allows you to filter our games in the following ways:

  • Most Popular
  • Alphabetic Ascending
  • Alphabetic Descending

As well as giving you an insight into the most popular Bitcoin slot machines we offer, our platform is capable of calling up specific games in an instant. For example, if you already knew you enjoyed jackpot slots and wanted to skip straight to The Glam Life, you could type the name of this game into the search bar and it would appear before your very eyes.

Similarly, if you want easy access to your favourite games at a later date, you can click the heart icon attached to each game and our software will save it to your account. Doing this means you don't have to search all Bitcoin slots we offer.   

Why All Bitcoin Slots Are Best for Bonuses

Before we leave you to think about Bitcoin slots and whether or not you want to play, here's one final thing to consider: Bitcoin slots are better for bonuses. What do we mean by this? Well, because every online casino bonus comes with some sort of wagering requirement, you'll need a fast and efficient way to hit these targets and take advantage of the bonuses.

For instance, if you pick up a 200 mBTC bonus with a 35x wagering requirement, you have to stake 7,000 mBTC before you can request a withdrawal (a request before this would invalidate your bonus). Now, even though 7,000 mBTC sounds like a lot, it's important to remember that every bet counts regardless of whether it wins or loses.

From this, you know you can race through approximately 30-40 spins per minute when you play our Bitcoin slots. Based on this average, you could meet the 7,000 mBTC wagering requirement in just less than four hours if you played non-stop. Of course, you're probably not going to do that, but this example does show how quickly and easily you can clear a bonus using slots.

Overall, when you combine this ability to earn more through bonuses with a wealth of ways to win huge jackpots, it's easy to see why serious players love all Bitcoin slots. In fact, when you throw in a few animations and some quirky mini games, you get an experience that's as entertaining as it lucrative. In our opinion, slots have it all and you'd be crazy not to take a spin or two on some of our top games. Even if you play for free using our practice tables, we're confident you'll find something you like - Bitcoin slots might even pull you away from your usual games.


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