New promotion launch: Game Of The Week Free Spins

New promotion launch: Game Of The Week Free Spins

Another promotion has been added, gentle ladies- and men! You may already be familiar with our game of the week, which has now gotten an upgrade of sorts.

Every Monday is Free Spins day IF...

Making use of this promotion and getting the free spins is very straight forward and almost inevitable actually. If you play for real money by making a deposit in any given week you get the promotional bonus the following Monday. Just like that.

It doesn’t really matter on which day in the previous week you made the deposit, the rule goes: if you’ve deposited in the past 7 days before any given Monday you get to use the promo. So a last-minute deposit at 23:45 on Sunday night, for instance, still gets you the bonus ;)

Game of The Week

As we notify you of your free spins we will also announce the new game of the week that you can use the free spins on. With the game of the week we try to highlight less-known-but-still-great games that we have but also popular games that we just want to put in the spot light. In short: lots of variation and a good chance to try a new game with a bunch of free spins.

If there is a particular game you’d like to see as the game of the week you can always let us know through customer support and we will take your suggestion into account. We can’t guarantee to fulfill every request but you can always try to get yourself some free spins on your favorite game or a game you’d like to try out.

The Promotion

You can check out the promotion right here and you can visit this page to see the exact terms and conditions, which is always a good idea. The promo will generally always be running so this is one that you can count on every week. Who says Monday’s suck?


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