New Promotion Launch: Spins Hour - Happy Hour For Slots Lovers

We've only just launched but we are ramping up our promotional offers ASAP & AAAP(As Awesomely As Possible). What we've added to the promotional offering is a true happy hour for slots lovers.

Log-in, Free-spin

The idea behind the new promotion is simple: we randomly select a couple of hours every week during which we give out free spins to anyone that is online during that hour. You may have heard of the quote ''showing up is 80% of life'', which is quite literally the case with this promotion (except it's 80% but 100% because if you're there during the Happy Hours you will be guaranteed your free spin bonus. There is no need to be actively playing or anything like that, you just need to be logged. Super convenient!

The Element of Randomness

The randomness of this promotion adds to the fun of it. You may just be chilling, not paying attention to your laptop or your phone, when you suddenly get a notification saying that you have received a bunch of free spins! There's no way to predict the happy hours either. They could happen in the midst of night, at the break of dawn or during your most busy hour in the middle of the day. Regardless of when it happens, when you happen to be online you can be sure that it counts as a pleasant surprise!

Surprise Spins Hour


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