Online Bitcoin Slots

Understanding Online Bitcoin Slots: The Guide to Spinning

Question: what's the fastest way to win some money in the Bitcoin betting world? OK, so in truth, there are a few ways, but the best way we know of involves online Bitcoin slots. Sometimes known simply as "slots", these games offer the perfect combination of speed and prize money. Although we'll go into a bit more detail later, the main thing you need to know right now is that a single spin on some of the top online Bitcoin slots can earn you thousands. What's more, you don't have to stake a king's ransom to play.

Of course, before you strap yourself in and take the ride of your life through a swirling world of symbols, winlines and jackpots, you need to know the basics. This is where we come in. Being experts in the Bitcoin slots business means we're perfectly placed to give you all the information you need to ante up with ease. Then, like the helpful souls we are, we've got hundreds of ways for you to put your newfound knowledge into practice.

However, before we let you loose in the lobby, let us take you through the basics of online Bitcoin slots and what makes them the most popular casino games around.

What are Online Bitcoin Slots?

The answer to the above question is fairly simple: Bitcoin slots are betting games that require you to match a certain number of symbols in order to win a prize.

Now, on the surface, we know that doesn't sound very exciting. In fact, if we're honest, it sounds a bit boring. However, many of the best games often have a simple premise, but it's the way they're presented that counts. This is very much the case with slot machines. Once you've understood the aim of the game, then you can start to look at the various themes and in-game features that make them so entertaining.

To give you a clear overview of what online Bitcoin slots look like in practice, here's a list of what you'll find when you ante up:

Reels: All online slots have reels. These are the things that spin and have symbols printed on them. Most online slots have either three or five reels, but sometimes you'll find even more.

Bets/Coins: Placing a bet often requires you to set one or both of the following: coin size and coins. Coin size refers the actual cash amount you're betting per line, while "coins" is the number of bets you're placing per line. So, you could set your coin size to 0.1 and your coins to 3 and that would mean you'd be betting 0.3 mBTC per line.

Winlines/Paylines: As well as having multiple reels, online Bitcoin slots can have multiple paylines. A payline is a line that moves from the left side of the reels to the right and when you match symbols across one of them, you win.

Wilds: As we've said, slots are about matching symbols, but there are some symbols that are fluid. What we mean by this is that they can substitute for any other symbol to help make a winning combination. These symbols are known as wilds.

Scatters: These are special symbols that help unlock bonuses. It's typically the case that you'll have to roll in three or more scatters on specific winlines to start the bonus round.

Bonuses: These are added extras that not only help you win more, but add to the overall appeal of online Bitcoin slots. Depending on the game in question, bonuses can come in various shapes and sizes, including free spins, multipliers (which multiply your prize), mystery box games and wilds.

Jackpots: One of the main reasons everyone plays Bitcoin slots online is the jackpots. In general, jackpots will either be fixed (a set amount) or progressive (one the continually fluctuates).

"We Want More!" OK, Then Play Our Slots

By now you should have a pretty clear idea of how Bitcoin slots work, so let us discuss why you should take a spin. Sure, winning money is one thing, but what other reasons are there to play our popular online Bitcoin slots?

Well, the first reason is that they're extremely entertaining. As we've said, slots have a fairly simple premise, but the way they're dressed up is what makes them exciting.

For example, if you take a look through our lobby and click on 4 Seasons, you'll be greeted by a game that uses Asian-inspired symbols and images to create an impressive Chinese theme. The developers have included bonus games such as Yin & Yang Free Spins and a Rotating Seasons feature that uses the theme as a way to give you more potential payouts. This fusion of style and function is what helps to make Bitcoin slots a lot more interesting and, therefore, more attractive as a betting proposition.

Another reason Bitcoin slots are hugely popular is that they are simple to play and each spin takes less than a second. As any serious player will know, speed is king in the betting world and the more you play, the more chances you have to win. At, there are no other casino games that can touch slots when it comes to speed and, because betting requires just a few clicks, anyone can do it.

The final reason online Bitcoins slots are great value is because they're perfect for picking up bonuses. Because you can roll through hundreds of bets per hour, it's a lot easier to meet the playthrough requirements attached to a bonus. For example, a standard Bitcoin bonus might require you to wager 35x the bonus amount before you can request a withdrawal. By playing slots, you can race through this within a few hours while it could take a day or more if you were playing blackjack or another card game.

Put simply, if you want more fun, more ways to win and more value for money, online Bitcoins slots are the way forward. Naturally, we've got all of the best spinners in the business here at So, before you go, here's a brief rundown of our top online Bitcoin slots:

  • Kitty's Luck
  • Spartan Hero
  • Tesla Spark of Genius
  • Vampire Fortune
  • Jazz Bar
  • Heist
    and many more…

To spin your bankroll into something truly special, we'd urge you to join us today and experience first-hand why online Bitcoin slots are the best games in town.


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