Welcome Offer: 1000 Free Spins

1000(!) Free Spins. SLOT DAMN!

We'll be frank with you: we like slots to the point that it has become an art. And as slots-artisans we have carefully crafted an offer that you will surely appreciate. How does this sound: a FAT 250 free spins if you deposit anything, starting at €20. 

Yes. Yes we did say that.

But there is more. For every €100 you wager you get 50 more free spins. You'll get this again and again and again, until you're bored of it, or you reach 1000(!) free spins; whichever comes first.

Did we paint that picture right for you? It's a slots masterpiece if you ask us. A Slotsterpiece if you will!

Make sure you go appreciate this fine piece of art.


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