Free Spins Game of the Week

Do You Taste That?

It's the taste of low-hanging fruit

Because let's keep it real: this is easiest promo for you to make use of! Just to make it even simpler for you, though, we've made you this little check list:

  • It's Monday | YES/NO
    • If yes, excellent! The first obstacle has been conquered.


  • You've played for real money in the past week| YES/NO
    • if yes, congrats, you've qualified for the free spins!


  • You'll gladly take 25 free spins | YES/NO
    • If yes, what are we waiting for?!


  • You like the game of the week | YES/NO

The Promotion

If you play for real money on any day of the week then you can expect free spins the following Monday.

In other words, make a deposit this week and next week you will receive free spins on the game of the week!


No games are available in this criteria. Play some games or add to favourites!