Spins Hour

It's Like Happy Hour But Then Different


Imagine this scenario: It's a sunday afternoon; the clock needs 30 more seconds to hit 6 o'clock. You're having fun playing Starburst (or any other slot) but you're nearing the end of your ride because you're down to your last spin. As the sun sets and gradually casts a pleasant dusky shadow over your room, you press the 'spin' button for what you think will be the last time that lovely sunday afternoon. The slots spin, and lock in one by one. The sun disappears definitively behind the hill and the hour-hand of the clock completes its final push towards the bottom of the clock. All in harmony..

The sun is no more. The small hand of the clock is at its lowest point and your final spin ended in a dud. But in that moment..

A notification

''Hey Champ. Thanks for being with us in this moment. Here's 10 free spins. From your friends at slots.io''

In this moment the sun seems to rise anew, time appears to rewind and you know this: the world is good.


The Promotion

Every now and then, we award free spins to everyone who's logged in!

Make sure you play at Slots.io regularly and you may win at random.


Plot twist: you were supposed to start cooking dinner at 6 o'clock. Your wife walks in, unplugs your laptop and smacks you over the head with the soup spoon you're going to be using to cook dinner for the next hour. Screw the world.


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